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I swear I spend more time coding for this websit than actually blogging in it. Why do I get tired of my layout so fast? The cons of being able to code are that I'm never satisfied with what I have...

xoxo liz

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Don't take advantage of me just because I give chances. It doesn't mean you can abuse them over and over again. Don't assume I'll forgive you just because I don't react, or I say that it's okay, because it's not okay. I'll remember. It's just that I would rather forgive someone I care a lot about, than lose them over something silly. But I can only tolerate so much, and if you've pushed me past that limit, you must have messed up a lot.


Spa Day
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So the other day I did a mini-spa day thing for myself because I deserve it. Haha I mean, I drove up and down a mountain, camped, and my neck was still hurting. So on Monday night I went to Majestic Spa to get a massage. They were Chinese and so it was easy to communicate with them. I got 30 min of reflexology and then a 30 min full-body massage for only $35! They hit all the right areas and that night, I didn't go to sleep with a hurt neck.

Tuesday was a holiday and so I didn't get out of bed until around 1pm. Went to Gen with the housemates, Cathie and Brandon. And then after eating, Brandon needed to get to Urban Motus dance workshops. Cathie and I decided to go get our nails done. However, they were all closing at 7pm and it was already 6pm. Called Happy Nails in the Barranca Target Plaza and they were able to take both of us.

Now when comedians make fun of the vietnamese nail ladies, I never took them seriously. But then my nail lady legit asked me, "Do you hab boypren?" And I was speechless, because I didn't think they actually did that. And then I replied with, "No, I don't" and she was like, "Why not?" Oh man. I was not going to tell her my life story while doing my nails, so I was just like "Ehh, it's complicated" :/

I picked a purple color for my toes and a sparkly coral color for my nails :) The place is really clean and the chairs are super comfortable. I got the $35 mani/pedi spa package, and I loved it!

xoxo liz

Not in That Way
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And I hate to say I love you, when it's so hard for me.
And I hate to say I want you, when you make it so clear.
You don't want me.

I'd never ask you cause deep down I'm certain I know what you'd say.
You'd say I'm sorry, believe me. I love you, but not in that way

And I hate to say I need you.
I'm so reliant.
I'm so dependant.
I'm such a fool.

Not in That Way - Sam Smith

A lot of things have changed.

xoxo liz

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